Emotions and Learning

Barry Kort

Most of the resources on the Emotions and Learning research are now collected at the MIT Affective Computing web site for the NSF-funded project on The Affective Learning Companion.

The April 2000 PowerPoint Slide Show for the Okawa Talk on Emotions and Learning can be found either at MIT or here. The version here omits the fancy colored background motif (so it loads faster) and this version also contains some added notes and comments. The original downloadable PowerPoint file is also available.

The newest PowerPoint Slide Show, from the LearnTec 2004 Conference, may be downloaded from here or viewed as HTML here. The IEEE Education Society discussion archive on the above talk is now available here: Cognition, Affect, and Learning.

There is a brief summary of some new work on Drama Theory here.

An expanded and updated version of the above material may also be found here:

Cognition, Affect, and Learning

The SITE-2004 paper, "The Science Behind the Art of Teaching Science: Emotional State and Learning" is posted in PDF format here. There was no printed publication of the full papers from SITE; they were distributed only on a CD.

The April 9th, 2001 revision of the ICALT-2001 paper, in PDF or Word97 format. This paper won the Best Paper Award at ICALT.

The August 2001 ICALT PowerPoint Talk, which won the Best Paper Award.

Other documents available here include:

The original NSF Proposal for the ROLE (Research on Learning and Education) Grant, in PDF and Word97 format.

The February 25, 2001 version of the paper prepared for presentation at ICALT 2001 in PDF or Word97 format.

The July 1, 2001 draft of the Digital Nations paper, Improving Pedagogy in Developing Nations (in PDF format).

Here is a list of Role Grant References over the three-year life of the NSF-funded Affective Learning Companion Project at MIT.

Some of the papers prepared in collaboration with our colleagues at Project Listen at Carnegie Mellon are available on the Project Listen Website.

For a comprehensive list of other web sites with recent work on Emotions Research, see the Newsletter which Maggie Martinez has posted on her site.