Puzzle Links for Museum of Science

The Puzzle Activity at the Museum of Science is featured every Saturday afternoon in Cahners Computer Place at the Boston Museum of Science.

The various puzzles in the collection are selected with several objectives in mind:

Some of the puzzles offered for the enjoyment of the visitors have corresponding web pages with more background or online versions of the same kind of puzzle.
Lights Out
This comprehensive reference page for Lights Out describes several versions of this puzzle and has links to online Javascript versions that you can play on your computer.

Tower of Hanoi
There are many online resources for the Tower of Hanoi. Here is one of several pages where you can play Tower of Hanoi in Javascript.

Marble Drop
Marble Drop is a classic puzzle game from the 90s. The Demo Version is a free download that works on all versions of Windows. The full version of Marble Drop (if you can still find it) doesn't seem to work on anything newer than Windows 95/98.

At the Carnival - Puzzle Gallery
At the Carnival is one of three classic puzzle games by Cliff Johnson that you can download for free from his web site.
Some of the puzzles (especially those made by Binary Arts) might be available for sale in the Museum Store. Many of them can be found in retail stores which specialize in games and puzzles. Otherwise, try the web sites of the vendors who feature these puzzle lines:
Binary Arts - ThinkFun

Bits and Pieces

Tavern Puzzles by Tucker-Jones

For more information on the Cahners Computer Place Puzzle Activity, go to our Puzzle Background page.