Free Computer Gear

Over the years, the MuseNet Project has accumulated a lot of vintage hardware, most of which is now obsolescent and no longer in service.

If you are a computer hobbyist or teacher, or a reseller of old gear, you are welcome to haul away any of this gear for fun or profit. It's all in my basement and garage in Bedford MA, and you will have to come get it.

There is a lot of old DEC and Sun gear (including the monitors), old terminals and network gear, old disk drives, cables, some old Mac gear, etc. Most of it is still in working order, but some stuff might be beyond salvation.

If you are in the greater Boston area and want to come pick over this stuff and haul some away, contact me first by e-mail. Then we can chat on the phone and make further plans.

Typical DEC gear on hand: VAXstation 3100 (with VR 290 or VR 299 Monitors), DECstation 5000 (with Monitors), VT340 Terminals, Ethernet network adaptors and cables, other miscellaneous vintage DEC gear.

Typical Sun gear on hand: Sparcstation 2, IPX, IPC, with keyboards and mice (but not all with monitors), Ethernet network adapters and cables.