MuseNet TinyFugue Access

MuseNet provides access to educational MUSEs through the TinyFugue client based on several MuseNet-associated machines.

Unless otherwise noted, you should log in as 'guest', with password 'mud'.
This list last updated 12/1/03.

Clients at MuseNet World Headquarters

Or get TinyFugue source for your own Unix client.

For a Macintosh with direct Internet service, try MudDweller.

For a Windows with direct Internet service, try The TUCOWS Collection. Do a search on "Mud Clients" for your platform.

If you use your own client (TinyFugue, MudDweller or a Windows Mud client), you will need to point your connection to MicroMuse.MuseNet.Org, Port 4201.

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