Moulton's Utnebury Pages

This page contains occasional items of educational or amusement value associated with my research.

Machines Who Can Deny Their Maker by Roz Picard.

The Turtling Test — A Dialogue About Alan Turing

A Conversation in the Garden

Do Computers Have Emotional Behavior?

The Calculus of Ideas

The Socratic Method

The First Book of System Design

Kohlberg-Gilligan Ladder of Moral and Ethical Reasoning

The Amusing Helicopter

The War on Terrorism

Caprice the Fantastic Flying Scape-Goat for Azazel

The Fiery Flying Serpent

Poincare — An Essay on the Roots of Chaos Theory

System Doom — An expansion on the above essay

The Separation of Church and State — Yet another essay

Disjunction Dysfunction and the Error Function

Amazing Gradient

Chiastory — Reflections on Patterns of Relationships and Trust

The Brouwer-Kakutani Fixed Point Theorem

A Conversation with Montag

The Thumbs-Up Thumbs-Down Game

What Is the Name of This Puzzle?

On the Similarities and Differences of Seven Great Leaders

Why Ask "Why??"

On Choosing One's Behavior

An Epos of Peace and Comfort Food

Cogitating About Communication in Our Connectedness

The Communitas Model of Community Building

Communitas and Gravitas

Experiences with Civility and the Role of a Social Contract in Virtual Communities

The Signers of the Declaration of Independence

I. M. Going With ee cummings

The American Visceral Society

Little Lo Bleep — Chiastic Verse

Word Ladder Poetry for Autistics and Dyslexics

Creation Poems by Chuck McVinney

Protocols of the Elders of Hootne — Satire

The Parable of the Meat Grinder and the Idea Processor

A Dance At the Dawn of Consciousness

Nash Rambler — A Review of A Beautiful Mind

The Musings of Montana Mouse

Drama Theory — The Shreklisch Onion-Layer Character Model

All About Redheads

Ya Got Trouble — A Comic Opera about Bedfordshire

Moulton's Nickelodeon

Barsoom Tork's Song Parodies

59-Second Britches Song — Grooving With SuitSat-1

The Smoking Gun — Utnebury Performance Art

Chat Room Exiles — Excerpt from a story in ON Magazine (TIME Digital)

Modern Major Vegetable

Pied Rants of Pissants

InfoArchiTexture.Hostly Courtesy of Jim Robinson (AKA 'FX')

The Totemic Inn Comic Opera — An Artless Crime Against Art

Moulton's Playspace at World Crossing

Musing About Merriment In Our Mirthfulness

A Dialogue with Steve Talbott of NetFuture

Gastrin Bombesin


Geeks, Nerds, Awkward Dweebs

Atypical Syndrome — Bearing Accurate Witness (And All That Jazz)

The Insouciant Kangaroo — Justice and Truth on Trial

There Were No Survivors — The Bloody Kerfuffle at Shapiro's Deli

Declaration of Indigestion — July 4, 2005

Goat Getter — Web Forum Song Parody

The 23rd Pslam — A Pslam of Depraved

Peter Pan Poetry Slam


The Phreaking Spectrum

Oxytocin Deficit Disorder

Slouching To the Darker Side — A Chat Room Anthem

Give My Regrets To Bela

Barry's Tattered Threads

Web Side Story

Three Blind Minds

Fear and Loathing in Lost Vagueness

Lawn Ordure — No One Expects the Spammish Inquisition!

Random Internecine

Random Demonomics

Wikipedia and Ethics in Online Journalism

Antisocial Darwinism: Diversity and Wikicide

Blathersburg Address

WikiDrama: Worrying About Wheel-Warring In Our WikiWoe