Reflections on a DyingMarch

A Kerygmatic Kerfuffle

Kaibosh: I'm not pulling any strings here, Phullup. Though I'm sure
         you won't believe that.

Phullup: I believe I am beginning to feel a bit tugged. I believe I am
         beginning to feel a tad strung out.

Kaibosh: Have you participated in this conference in the months before
         this Kerfuffle arose?

Phullup: I was...

Kaibosh: Don't bother to answer.

Phullup silently thinks to himself, "I'm sensing a communication
disconnect here."

Moulin Rouge is beginning to feel broken-hearted again.

Kaibosh: Nothing has been overruled.

Moulon Rouge observes the Null Set has now been cast aside.

Kaibosh: I don't believe anything was changed.

Phullup silently thinks to himself, "I don't believe anything has
changed yet, either, except how I feel about things not changing for
the better."

Krustie: I think all viewpoints have been heard and considered.

Phullup silently thinks to himself, "I am able to recognize some
unexpressed viewpoints that have not yet been given consideration."

Phullup: I am beginning to feel increasingly disrespected, silenced,
discredited and resentful.  I am beginning to accumulate feelings of

Moulin Rouge wonders who gets the credit for that change in Phullup's

Krustie: This topic is now being frozen.

Phullup notices a chill.

Moulin Rouge wonders if we are back in Narnia again.

The Ice Queen of Narnia offers everyone a Turkey Delight.

Moulin Rouge offers the Ice Queen some Salted Peanuts and Purple
Grapes of Wrath in return.

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