David Albert

This page contains brief descriptions of current or recent jobs and activities, with links to the pages related to each. You may also wish to see a list of the papers I've written. If you've been here, please send me a quick note at albert@fas.harvard.edu, or if you're using a graphical WWW browser you can write a comment using this form. Thanks!

Artificial Intelligence (Course)

This one-semester survey course, Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, is offered in the fall semester of the 1998-1999 academic year, at the Harvard University Extension School. Check the course web site for complete details, and ponder the question of what it might mean for a computer to be intelligent, or to be able to think.

Virtual Communities on the Internet (Course)

This one-semester course on Virtual Communities on the Internet will be offered for the fifth time in the spring semester of the 1999-2000 academic year, at the Harvard University Extension School. Check the course web site for complete details. Also consider our fundamental question: are computer-based communities "virtual", or are they real?

Legal Issues on the Internet (Course)

Co-taught with Michael Albert, this one-semester course on Legal Issues on the Internet, offered for the first time in the spring semester of the 1999-2000 academic year, at the Harvard University Extension School, studies the quickly-growing field of Internet Law. We will focus on two main themes: Intellectual Property, and Free Speech. Check the course web site for complete details.

Cambridge Public Schools

I am an instructional technology specialist (under a variety of titles) for the King Open School and the Morse School, both in Cambridge, Massachusetts. In this role, I teach classes in grades K-8, offer professional development workshops and curriculum planning assistance to teachers in grades K-8, administer the local e-mail system, and perform system maintenance.


I am the e-mail system administrator and database consultant for Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound (ELOB), the urban education division of Outward Bound USA. I also work, independently, for The Harbor School, an expeditionary learning pilot school in the Boston Public Schools.

Exhibit Interpreter, Boston's Museum of Science

Saturday mornings, I spend a few hours at the Science Museum in Boston, taking out supplementary exhibits or demonstrations, or helping visitors make sense of the permanent exhibits on the halls. It's fun! Come visit sometime! If you'd like to meet me there, be sure to let me know you are coming, so I can make sure to be there that week. If you want to take your chances, look for me in a teal (that's sort of greenish blue) lab coat.


My work on the MUSEnet (Multi-User Science Education Network) project claims about a quarter of my time. As Aslan on MicroMUSE, I help direct the first Multi-User Simulation Environment used primarily for educational purposes. In previous years, I have designed extensions to the MUSE paradigm, in the Educational Technologies division of Bolt Beranek & Newman (now GTE Internetworking) in Cambridge, MA. My papers have been presented at several DARPA-sponsored conferences.


Physically located in Sausalito, California, The WELL is home to an eclectic group of writers, musicians, philosophers, and others. The WELLmuse may be explored by visitors and WELLbeings alike.
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