David Albert's Papers

Cyberion City: Tin Can City Physics

This paper describes the physics and astrophysics of "tin can cities", and of a particular virtually real city called Cyberion City II, located within a virtual reality known as MicroMUSE. The paper is currently available in text only:

Issues in MUSE Security

This paper describes some of the security concerns facing users and administrators of Internet-accessible Multi-User Simulation Environments. Much of it is relevant to all MU* systems, but one large section deals specifically with issues surrounding the MUSE programming language and the problems that can be introduced inadvertently by administors, or deliberately by users. Questions of authentication, access, and accountability are also addressed. The paper is available in a variety of formats:

Other Papers

At present, my other papers (presented at conferences) are not available online. The topics of these papers are:

For additional information on these topic areas, please contact me directly at albert@fas.harvard.edu, or if you're using a graphical WWW browser you can write a comment using this form. Thanks!

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