Bedfordshire Document List

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Newspaper Coverage

Column by Ann Hall, The Boston Globe, Sunday, Nov. 10, 1996

Feature Story by Caroline Louise Cole, The Boston Globe, Sunday, Mar. 30, 1997

Lyric Opera

Ya Got Trouble

Legal Documents

Complaint - Trustees

Answer and Countercomplaint - Barry Kort

Answers to Defendant's Interrogatories - Trustees

Request for Production of Documents - Barry Kort

Response to Request - Trustees

Joint Pre-trial Memorandum

Decision - Judge Margot Botsford

Letters from Barry Kort

To Bedford Town Officials

To the Massachusetts Association of Conservation Commissions

To the Trustees

Letters of Support

From John Hines

From Sara Grassie

From Nancy Williams

From Craig Louis

From Arthur Einstein

From Paula Etzel

From Ana Robles

From Suzanne Griffith

Other Discussion and Support

Discussion thread from the Well

Discussion thread from the Home-Owners Association Mailing List

Messages of support from the good folks on MuseNet

Long Range Plan Scenarios

Rob Warner Scenarios 1-3

Rob Warner Scenarios 4-6

Rob Warner Scenarios 7-9

Download Rob Warner Scenarios 1-9 in Excel Worksheet Format

Download Rob Warner's Revised November Spreadsheet with Scenarios 1-11

Notes for Rob Warner's Spreadsheet Scenarios

Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 2001 Board Meeting Minutes

January 2002 Board Meeting Minutes

Long Range Plan Update Letter of Jan 16, 2002

February 2002 Board Meeting Minutes

Vineburgh Update Letter of Feb 21, 2002

March 2002 Board Meeting Minutes

Vineburgh Update Letter of March 20, 2002.

April 2002 Board Meeting Minutes

Long Range Plan Project Commencement Letter of May 9, 2002

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Barry Kort

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