June 19, 1997

Barry Kort
Consulting Scientist
BBN Systems and Technologies
70 Fawcett Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

Dear Barry,

Our sincere congratulations for your achievement in the 1996 NII Awards! Your project has been singled out for a special honor by our Judges, as the recipient of a Certificate of Merit. The Certificate of Merit is awarded to projects that have distinguished themselves in a particular area, or have accomplished something extraordinary overall.

MicroMUSE / MuseNet (Multi-User Science Education Network) has been recognized by our Judges as an exceptional project. In awarding the Certificate of Merit, they made the following comment about your entry:

An extraordinary example of corporations partnering with schools and providing value to both parties.

Enclosed is a certificate acknowledging this distinction in the 1996 NII Awards. We are extremely grateful for your participation in our program, and very proud of your contribution. You are truly a champion of cyberspace. Again, our heartfelt congratulations and best wishes.

Kind regards,

Jeannine Parker


This acknowledges

MicroMUSE / MuseNet

for invaluable contribution to the
Second Annual National Information Infrastrucure Awards.

The NII Awards recognize extraordinary achievement in a new era of communication and knowledge and offer a compelling vision of what is possible when human creativity embraces network technology. The Awards program helps people learn from models of excellence and achieve new heights of prosperity, community, and health in an increasingly connected world.

Jeannine Parker, Director
James D. Hake, Chairman
Laura Breeden, Category Co-Chair

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