MuseNet K-12 Project

June 25, 1997

James D. Hake
Chairman, NII Awards
Principal, Access Media Inc.

Jeannine Parker
Director, NII Awards Program

Laura Breeden
Category Co-Chair, NII Children Award
Principal, Laura Breeden & Associates

Jean Polly
Category Co-Chair, NII Children Award

Dear Jim, Jeannine, Laura, and Jean,

I am honored that the 1996 NII Awards Program has selected MicroMUSE/MuseNet for a Certificate of Merit in the Children Award category for Pioneering Innovation in Children's Educational Computer Networking.

MicroMUSE/MuseNet continues to demonstrate the value of Educational Community Building on the Internet, and the power of Discovery Learning to turn young people on to the joys of collaboration, and project-based learning.

I hope that our example and our model of online learning communities will continue to inspire other pioneers and pathbreakers to further bring the fruits of innovation to the children of the world, and to empower them to become life-long learners and life-long contributors to the advance of knowledge, the advance of civilization, and the advance of peace and world harmony.

Very truly yours,

Barry Kort, Ph.D.
Consulting Scientist
MuseNet K-12 Project
BBN Systems and Technologies
Cambridge, MA