Ezekiel -- Destroyer of Worlds

Etchings by Tom Lewis-Borbely

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Tom Lewis-Borbely is a member of the Prince of Peace Plowshares; he is currently serving a 6-month sentence in the Cumberland County Jail for his role in the Ash Wednesday Peace Action aboard the USS Sullivans.

At his sentencing, Tom offered to do community service in lieu of restitution. He offered to the court examples of his etchings, which he proposed to donate as public art. Judge Gene Carter ruled against Tom, saying the US taxpayers needed to be reimbursed in cash for the damage done to the USS Sullivans.

All works in by Tom Lewis-Borbely are for sale. Some works will be editioned later by the artist. If you are interested in a specific work, please write Emma House, 136 Austin Street, Worcester MA 01609 or E-Mail borbely@splusnet.com.

Here are the two etchings which Tom prepared as public art.

First Etching

The first etching shows a mother, grandfather and children -- the photo was taken in Latin America -- a navy plane flying missile-dropping bombs on children. It depicts the violence that war and weapons of war do to children.. Plus there's the classic photo of children running from napalm in Vietnam. The children are the victims of war. Everyone's children. The children of the war.

Detail From First Etching

Second Etching

The second etching is an etching about Plowshares action. There have been more than 54 witnesses since l980. This is not the Prince of Peace Plowshares. This is the Pax Christi Spirit of Light Plowshares. It simply shows a cross, the resurrected cross. It shows a simple hammer striking the image of death. Because that is our enemy. Spiritual death. Real death. Death for the children. And the weapons are crumbling in a symbolic and real way. And these are the words of Isaiah -- SWORDS INTO PLOWSHARES. SPEARS INTO PRUNING HOOKS. In some strange way God is part of all of this.

Detail From Second Etching

Other Ezekiel Etchings by Tom Lewis-Borbely

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Mahatma Gandhi was once asked what he thought of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. His reply: "We have yet to see what it does to the soul of the destroying nation." --The Nuclear Story: Seeds of Life, Seeds of Death, Pax Christi, USA