Ezekiel Exhibit

Etchings by Tom Lewis-Borbely

Bangor Theological Seminary
Portland Maine

Tom Lewis-Borbely is a member of the Prince of Peace Plowshares; he is currently serving a 6-month sentence in the Cumberland County Jail for his role in the Ash Wednesday Peace Action aboard the USS Sullivans.

This exhibit consists of non-toxic etchings from the Book of Ezekiel, many of which are exhibited here for the first time, and two large etchings based on the Book of Revelations, published in The Nightmare of God, a collaboration with Daniel Berrigan, S.J. Ezekiel, Visions in the Dust is the latest collaboration with Daniel Berrigan, and is available from Orbis Books.

All works in this exhibit are for sale. Some works will be editioned later by the artist. If you are interested in a specific work, please write Emma House, 136 Austin Street, Worcester MA 01609 or E-Mail borbely@splusnet.com

More Ezekiel Etchings

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