Letter from Susan Crane to Mike and Mary Donnelly

Dear Mike and Mary,

Peace be with you always. I hope you are well and continuing to remind all of us about the warships built at BIW.

What a surprise to find myself on the federal airlift headed to California. The trip was sweetened by the good company of Phil and Steve B on the first leg, and Steve K on the second. The airlift is just like people describe it: Marshals with M-16's out and aimed as we get on and off the plane, we -- all shackled, chained, and cuffed -- shuffle on. Regardless of the temperature we wear short sleeved shirts. On the way out of Maine, the Marshals drove us to Manchester. Phil sat next to me, Steve B right behind and we had a good talk and laughed and were present to each other. They got off on the east coast and I stayed on to Oklanhoma City. Spent the night in the SHU (lockdown, the "hole", etc.) so I couldn't call or even get to a bible. The next day a BOP guard opened my cell to take me for the airlift -- his first words were "How did you get close enough to the missile to hammer on it?" Later another guard brought up military spending, etc., with me. As I went by the men's holding cell, Steve was there! What a surprise! We were on the same plane, but couldn't talk. The planes fly from AFB to AFB and have only Fed prisoners on them. The cuffs and all don't come off ever, and it's hard to use the toilet.

Today we went to court, and it turns out that Carter had agreed to transfer jurisdiction to the Maine district, and then after the trial, changed his mind (the PO said). But Carter got his revenge on us, huh? Steve had 5 violations -- he goes to court Wed. I had NO CHARGE. The Magistrate told the Marshals to designate me and get me to prison. Meanwhile perhaps I'll be here at Elmwood. The women are kind to me.

You are in my prayers -- Love and peace, Susan