i was a teenager when i started out on MicroMUSE oh so many years ago. (4 to be precise!) Now I am an old hag of 24 and 90% of the people I spent days and weeks and months, night after night, with are gone: in the Army, married, gone offline, all grown up. Swallowed up by "RL" as we liked to call it? Lost their access? (once that was a serious situation. I can't even imagine "losing my access" nowadays). Things that made so much sense as the sun was rising over the clouds out my dorm window, eyes bloodshot at 4am after a night of museing, somehow seem like a far off dream when I think of them now: MUSEmarriages! (try explaining that to a non-MUSEr. Just try it.) The WRC, a truly noble effort and one of the more succesful of its ilk I would say. The "Community Centre", Truth or Dare games, allnight chats on someone's roof. And more serious times: hackers (where are they now? Did they too grow up? Or are they getting paid to hack now?) and emergency situations at 3am., Violent messages from desparate teenagers splashed across my screen like shattered glass on the highway. Falling in love over the MUSE - yes it actually happened, and sometimes it even worked out. Sometimes it didn't and you'd have to comfort some poor soul all night.


When I started Micro I was a drama major, these days I am a full-fledged computer geek. In part at least I owe this to MicroMUSE. Thank you to my MENTORS the coolio group of guys I saw go from crazy little dudes to university-aged dudes :)But a few: Frny (who went crazy on that Nyx Mu* so many years ago at my Canadian spelling), Faceless my *virtual cousin* who sent me snail-mail updates of micro life when i was abroad with no machine, draco who won't be reading this for a long long time, wildman who is now married (?!?!?!), rebrie (cow-multiplicity), and all the rest of you too many to name, who helped me pass those long nights of procrastination and coffee, of course to moulton who got this darn thing off its feet as well as promoted a newbie to the illustrious now-defunct position of guide (wow, were people ever bitter at that) also my Duffie, most of the time the only female voice in this testasterone charged environment :) (and the owner of circle-dog,) barkers warkers of course of course, probably one of the few who will remember the short lived PEPPER MUX, prairie dogs, and all the other insane stuff we bore witness to, a thousand blueberry muffins to you.

one day i will write my micro memoirs but for now i will keep this page up to remind myself of all of these things, which get hazier as

time goes on.

if you have micro-memories you shared with me, or odd mementos (log files of significant events etc) drop me an email

see you sometime somewhere in reality or vr



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