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Ace (DeepSpaceMUSE)

Anarchy (Avalon, cowMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE)

Andy/AndyH (DeepSpaceMUSE, FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, StarMUSE, VildaMYST, VirtualChicago)

Angele (FantasyMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, HeavenMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Angelica/Kali (EonMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago, WindsMARE)

Anjy/Angela (cowmuse, FantasyMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, G&P-MUSE, IceMUSE, MicroMUSE, MugsyMUSE, OceanaMUSE, StormMUSE, VildaMUSE, WindsMARE)

Ardhen (WindsMARE)

Aric (MicroMUSE, VirtualChicago)

ariel (FantasyMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Aslan (cowmuse, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago, WELLmuse)


Barkley (MicroMUSE)

Beckett/RiffRaff (TimeMUSE, MicroMUSE)

BigBrother/BrotherBig (OceanaMUSE, WindsMARE)

Brennus (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE)


Calvin (MicroMUSE, VirtualChicago)

campgod (cowmuse, OceanaMUSE)

Catspaw (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE)

Chadnibal (TrekMUSE)

chaos (OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago)


chilly willy (Avalon, cowmuse, MicroMUSE)

Chris (OceanaMUSE)

Clothos (Cyburbia, FantasyMUSE, OceanaMUSE, SilenceMUSE)

Cocoa (cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE, OceanaMUSE)

Coke (cowmuse, Cyburbia, DreamsMAZE, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, SkyMUSE, TimeMUSE)


darkman (FantasyMUSE, OceanaMUSE, WindsMARE)

darkness (darky) (cowmuse, FantasyMuse, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Deejay (MicroMUSE)

Delia (Avalon, cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE, WindsMARE)

dev/peach (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago)

dj_MIRI (VirtualChicago)

dm (cowmuse, OceanaMUSE)

Donsai (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE)

draco (Avalon, cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago, WindsMARE)


ekim (cowmuse, DeepSpaceMUSE)

Emily (Cyburbia, FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE)

Ender (MicroMUSE)

Eos (VirtualChicago)


Faceless (Avalon, cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE)

FocusPuller (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Foo-Byte (MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE)

foxpaws (HyperMUSE, MocaMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Frnkzk (Ferunkazunkz) (cowmuse, iceMUSE, MicroMUSE, SeaScapeMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)


Green (MicroMUSE)

GrimJack (VegaMUSE II)


hacker-vii/bolt steele (Avalon, cowmuse, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE)

Hearth (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE)

Heller (Avalon, cowmuse)

Hoagy/God (MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE)

horse_man (Cyburbia, MicroMUSE, StarMUSE, VirtualChicago)


Interrupt (HeavenMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE)

itsme (IceMUSE, FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago)


James/Sinjin (cowmuse, FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, Nails, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Jayge (MicroMUSE, StarMUSE)

Jerry/Armand/Equiex (FantasyMUSE, FurryMUCK, MicroMUSE, Mysthaven, OceanaMUSE, StarMUSE, StormMUSE, VirtualChicago, WindsMARE)

Jezzie (cowmuse, MocaMUSE, OceanaMUSE, SonicMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Jin (MicroMUSE)


JR (MicroMUSE)


Kai (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Kalany/FireHawk/Qalany (Cyburbia, Graham & ParksMUSE, LanesboroMUSE, MicroMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Kaldari (cowMUSE, MicroMUSE)

kale/jessman (MicroMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Karin (CastleMUSE, cowmuse, FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TrekMUSE, VirtualChicago, WindsMARE)

Karina (MicroMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Katulu (DreamsMUSE, FantasyMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, VirtualChicago, WindsMARE)

Keymaster (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Kimberly (MicroMUSE)


Lam (Cyburbia, FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago, WindsMARE)

Landoke (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VildaMYST, VirtualChicago)

laura (terisa) (Avalon, cowmuse, MicroMUSE, VirtualChicago, WellMUSE)

leah (cowmuse, iceMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE)

L i Z a R d (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago)

lockjaw (MicroMUSE, MocaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

LoQui' (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, Silence, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Lori (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE)

Los (MicroMUSE)

LostJohnny (FantasyMUSE, LambdaMOO, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Lothar (FlipsideMUSE, TimeMUSE)


MacDuff (MicroMUSE)

mc*sonicx/rien (cowmuse, DeepSpaceMUSE, FantasyMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, SeaScapeMUSE, StormMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago, WindsMARE)

medusa (Castle_D'image, Eon, FantasyMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, HeavenMUSE, HyperMUSE, MicroMUSE, Nails, OceanaMUSE, OtherMUSH, StarMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago, VegaMUSE II, WindsMARE)

merlin (Avalon, cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE, WindsMARE)

Mesmer (MicroMUSE)

Mint (cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)

moni (Avalon, cowmuse, TimeMUSE)

Moonbeam (ChibaMOO, MediaMOO, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE)

MoonShadow (DeMUSEcracy, HeckMUSE, MicroMUSE, WellMUSE)

Morgoth (Avalon, Cyburbia, DeepSpaceMUSE, FantasyMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, StormMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago, WindsMARE)

Mork (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, SilenceMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Moulton (MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE, WELLmuse)

Mydnyte (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago)


Nalix/N'Tok/Malir (SNW TrekMUSH, TFB TrekMUSH)

Natasha (MicroMUSE, WindsMARE)

Nefertiti (MicroMUSE)

nihilis (joel) (cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Niliz (DreamsMAZE, FlipsideMUSE, OceanaMUSE, WindsMARE)

Norrel (MicroMUSE)

Nutmeg (Cyburbia, MicroMUSE)


Olivia (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE)

opps (Avalon, cowmuse, iceMUSE, FantasyMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Optimus (FantasyMUSE, MecMUSE, MicroMUSE, VirtualChicago)


Pertussis (OceanaMUSE, WindsMARE)

Peter (Nieva) (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Petsounds (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE)

PLB (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, RoboTech,StarMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Pollenator (MicroMUSE)

Puck (MicroMUSE)


Quant (SeaScapeMUSE, VirtualChicago)


Rance (MicroMUSE)

rebrane (Avalon, cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Redone (Cyburbia, FantasyMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, StormMUSE, TimeMUSE)

ReeD (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE, VildaMUSE, VirtualChicago, WindsMARE)

Regayov (DeepSpaceMUSE)

reynolds (cowmuse, iceMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Rhion (1848Moo, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Roodler (cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Ruud (FantasyMUSE, Nails, OceanaMUSE)


Sab (VegaMUSE II)

Saruk (cowmuse, FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

scafativ (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, Nails, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

shkoo (Avalon, cowmuse, EcoMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE, WELLmuse)

shrike/keats/taliesin (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Silk (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE, WindsMARE)

Spark (MicroMUSE, WELLmuse)

Stormalong (VegaMUSE II)

Sunrise (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, SilenceMUSE, TimeMUSE)


tag (Avalon, cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Tapin/Hatter/Mad_Hatter (NecroMOO/MUSE)

taryn/lacey (Avalon, cowmuse, DreamsMAZE, FantasyMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, OceanaMUSE, OtherMUSH, TimeMUSE, TinyCWRU, WindsMARE)

Tel'vok (TOS TrekMUSE)

tem (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, SilentMUSE, UcipMUSE, WindsMARE)

TigerBalm (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE)

Titus (FantasyMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

T'rel (DeepSpaceMUSE)

Trew/North_going/Loki (FantasyMUSE, Nails, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)



Vampire (MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, StormMIST, WindsMARE)

Vandi (TrekMUSE)

VeraLynn (AddictMUD, cowmuse, DreamsMAZE, FantasyMUSE, FlipsideMUSE, GlobalMUSH, MicroMUSE, MocaMUSE, Nails, OceanaMUSE, StormMYST, TimeMUSE, TinyTIM, VildaMYST, VirtualChicago, WindsMARE)

Virtual.Persona (Virtual) (cowmuse, FlipsideMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE)


WildMan/Bobby Newmark (Avalon, FlipsideMUSE, MU*net, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE

wings the trini (cowmuse, OceanaMUSE, MicroMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)

Wyvern (cowmuse, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE, VirtualChicago)


xio/Kulan (MicroMUSE, TOSTrekMUSE)



Zephyr (cowmuse, MicroMUSE, SeaScapeMUSE, TimeMUSE)

Zinga (GatewayMUD, HeavenMUSE, JediMUD, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, TimeMUSE)

zoya (FantasyMUSE, MecMUSE, MicroMUSE, OceanaMUSE, VirtualChicago)


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