Rob Reilly—Judo Rokudan—6th Degree Black Belt

United States Martial Arts Association

Hall of Fame Member (Inducted August 2000)

Board of Directors, Member At-Large (1996-present)


1979 U.S. Judo Association National Championships Silver Medalist Open Weight Class, and Silver Medalist 176 lb. Weight Class, Spokane, Washington

1976 U.S. Judo Association National Championships Gold Medalist 176 lb. Weight Class, Columbus, Ohio

1969 North Carolina AAU Judo Championships Gold Medalist 154 lb. Weight Class

Black Belt Rank History

Rokudan (6th Degree) 1996 Unaffiliated, Lanesborough, Massachusetts

Godan (5th Degree) 1994 Unaffiliated, Lanesborough, Massachusetts

Yondan (4th Degree) 1978 Ohio State University Judo Club, Columbus, Ohio

Sandan (3rd Degree) 1975 Springfield College Judo Club, Springfield, Massachusetts

Nidan (2nd Degree) 1969 Fort Bragg Judo Club, Fayetteville, North Carolina

Shodan (1st Degree) 1967 The Kodokan, Tokyo, Japan

United States Judo Association

  • Founding Editor, USJA Coach Magazine (1973-1977). The USJA Coach Magazine was founded in 1973 to support the newly formed USJA Coach Certification System. The magazine contained professional development articles aimed at the Judo Coach/Instructor who would benefit from teaching and training articles.

  • Chairman, Coach Certification Committee (1974-1979). The Coach Certification developed training courses and continuing professional development mechanisms for those who participate in the program.

  • Secretary, National Promotion Board (1975-1978). Chief administrative officer of the National Promotion Board.

  • Editor, American Judo Magazine (1974-1979). Published and managed the magazine.